Public contract: Výměna plynových kotlů K1 a K2 ve výtopně Sever

Information on public contract

previous contracting authority profile Procurement procedure was commenced on other profile:
Previous public contract system number: P14V00000012
Previous VVZ profile identification: 220810

procurement procedure phase Examination of qualifications
Examination of qualifications is running
DBID: 127
System number: P16V00000127
Under the Act: no. 137/2006 Coll.
Registration number in VVZ: 497455
Date of start: 19.09.2014
Time limit for requests to participate: 31.10.2014 09:00
Tender submit to: 05.01.2015 12:30

Title, type and description of public contract

  • Title: Výměna plynových kotlů K1 a K2 ve výtopně Sever
  • Type of public contract: Supplies

Brief subject description:
Výměna plynových kotlů K1 a K2 ve výtopně Sever

Procedure type, estimated value

  • Procedure type: competitive procedure with negotiation (notice)
  • Public contract regime: above-the-threshold

Contracting authority

  • Official name: Letiště Praha, a. s.
  • CRN: 28244532
  • Postal address:
    K letišti 1019/6
    16100 Praha 6 - Ruzyně
  • Contracting authority profile identification in VVZ: Z2022-002191

Contact address

Tenders or requests to participate submit to:
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