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Odesílatel Ondřej Němeček
Organizace odesílatele Letiště Praha, a. s. [IČO: 28244532]
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Datum 13.03.2020 09:18:07
Předmět Vysvětlení zadávací dokumentace č. 3 / Additional Information Nr. 3

The contracting authority received the following requests for clarification of the tender documentation.
With respect to Sec. 98 art. 3 and 4 of act no. 134/2016 Coll., on public procurement, contracting authority of the above mentioned public tender provides you the answer as follows:
Question Document Refernce Question Answer

3 JRSU Dear PRG team, please find below additional question to the RFP. Many thanks for your response in advance.

3.1. Is forklift available for transportation of equipment from parking area to storage? 3.1 It is possible to provide a manual pallet jack. Forklift is not usually available, in worst case, it should be possible to arrange it too. But we definitely prefer that the transport and unloading will be secured by the vendor.
3.2. Will be the storage for equipment for period of initial implementation in public area? 3.2 Non-public area (but not security restricted area)
3.3. Will be the storage(s) for operational part in public as well as in air side area? 3.3 Non-public and security restricted area
3.4. Will be the storage(s) for operational part in public as well as in air side area? 3.4. Non-public and security restricted area
3.5. Can you please provide a contact for company which can provide packaging disposal? 3.5. Packaging waste disposal will be arranged by Prague Airport
3.6. Can you please clarify what is maximum cable length between BGR device and workstation? 3.6. Maximum (RS232) cable length should not exceed 10 meters
3.7. Can you please provide a schema of pin interconnection for RS232 cables used for BGR and workstation interconnection? Are these cables owned by the airport, therefore we can expect these will remain available as they are?
3.7. Yes, they are owned by the airport and they will stay as they are. Scheme looks like this:
2 – 3, 3 – 2, 4 – 6, 5 – 5, 6 – 4, 7 – 8, 8 – 7
3.8. Can you please explain the process of proposal evaluation after submission? The request for quote stays "preliminary proposal" can you please describe the procedure which will lead to request for final proposal? 3.8. Process of evaluation is described in XVII. EVALUATION OF TENDERS. "preliminary proposal" will for discussion. Later we will call for final proposal.
3.9. As far as we know there is a third terminal (terminal South) at PRG is this terminal supposed to be also equipped with CUPPS if so can you please provide quantities for this terminal and SLA requirements? 3.9. Expected quantities for Terminal 3 are 3 check-in counters and one gate counter. We can agree for lower level SLA here, e.g. as in night times.
3.10 Can you please clarify if there is any link/required integration between any airport application running at the CUPPS workstation? For example name or IP address provisioning for FIDS for automated position identification? 3.10. Yes, application for FIDS screens above the check-in/gate counters is linked to workstation IP address to identify the position
3.11. Can you please describe how an optional services or pricing options shall be included in proposal? We need to know prices for the optional services including Mobile WKS according to 3.1.24 and Optional lightweight kiosk version according to 4.1.11. You can fill it in Appendix H Service Fee Price list. Prices we donť count in Price calculation because dont´ know how many thinks we will use.

If you would like give proposal for some new hardware or parts CUPPS or CUSS system you can do it in new separate document.
3.12. Can you please describe how a contract change suggestions shall be included in the proposal/draft of contract? 3.12. You can send comments on the draft contract together with the offer.
3.13. Can you please confirm that millwork for CUSS fixation will be provided by Prague Airport? 3.13. Yes
3.14. Can you please provide lead time to obtain security training and airport access pass? 3.14. Please count with 30 days for obtaining the reliability certificate from Czech aviation authority and approx. 2 weeks for next suitable security training term
3.15. Can you please confirm you will provide single mode connectivity between core rooms in which common use routers shall be installed in? 3.15. Yes
3.16. Section 3.2.2 of Appendix F Functional Technical Spec states "no refurbished hardware is allowed for initial installation, please confirm our understanding is correct and this requirement covers all HW including servers and CUSS kiosks. 3.16. Only new hardware is allowed.
3.17. can you please verify where exactly would you like to get the tender price mentioned in cover sheet ( in annex A) ?
As per the clause IV.4.3 in ,,Invitation to submit preliminary bids' , we understand that Annex H needs to be filled in, but where exactly in Annex A should we edit the total price without the VAT? 3.17. We have updated Annex A Cover Sheet, by the cell price of the tender.

With respect to Sec. 98 art. 4 of act no. 134/2016 Coll., on public procurement, we hereby extend the time limits for
submitting of preliminary tenders until April 3, 2020.

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