Přijatá zpráva - vysvětlení, doplnění, změna dokumentace

Odesílatel Ondřej Němeček
Organizace odesílatele Letiště Praha, a. s. [IČO: 28244532]
Příjemce Všichni (včetně veřejnosti)
Datum 18.03.2020 20:49:53
Předmět Re: Žádost o vysvětlení zadávací dokumentace no 11


6.1 Due to the COVID-19 Virus situation we change date for submission of the preliminary bid. Extended deadline for submission shall be until 17. 4. 2020 23:59 hour.

6.2 In general, the latest version will be sufficient, although, there can be exceptions according to airlines needs or requirements. The Annex should primarily give you the idea about the range of used systems and served airlines. Also, it changes during time, up-to-date list will be discussed during the implementation.

6.3 Due to the COVID-19 Virus situation we change date for submission of the preliminary bid. Changed date at 17. 4. 2020 23:59 hour.

6.4.1 The reference on Section 2358 itself does not constitute any license it only refers to the fact, that the Parties are allowed (pursuant to section 2358) to agree on the regime of the license and that is exactly what the Agreement (Article VI.) does. Therefore we don't actually perceive any conflict in art. 1.31

6.4.2 This provision applies to companies registered for VAT in the Czech Republic.

For companies registered for VAT outside the Czech Republic this provision does not apply and will be exempted
6.5 600 - 700 pieces/year
6.6 Long-term service technicians must meet the following.
3.14. Please count with 30 days for obtaining the reliability certificate from Czech aviation authority and approx. 2 weeks for next suitable security training term. More informations here https://www.caa.cz/en/aviation-personnel/background-checks%ef%bb%bf/

Shorter procedure: A technician installing the equipment or working in emergency cases can use 30 x one-day access during one year.


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